5 Writers Who Stole Their Greatest Works From Other Authors!!

Welcome to Humor Nation. When someone stole the ideas and words of other people without his/her permission then whatever he/she copied has come under plagiarism. The first case of plagiarism concerned the poet Martial in the first century AD and the martial was enraged when he came to know that the other poets were using his words without his permission. There are writers who stole the work of other writers.

So here are some writers who stole the works from other authors!!

1. The Romance Novelist

Cristiane Serruya was one of the bestselling Romance novelists until she was accused in 2019 of plagiarizing not one but dozens of other authors also. She had published more than 30 novels in less than 30 years which is really impressive. But in the year 2019, she came in trouble when the other authors accused her of plagiarizing the content word to word from their novels. After all this scene rather than denying the plagiarism, she starts blaming her ghostwriter whom she hired for $5 an hour and a time came when she soon shut down her twitter account and website. However, her books were remained on sale, though many are listed as currently not available.

5 Writers Who Stole Their Greatest Works From Other Authors!!

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2. The Chick Lit Author

Kaavya Viswanathan published her debut novel, How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life, in 2006 when she was just at the age of 18. Her novel seemed a great achievement and soon the book came in the list of the bestseller. The novel of Vishwanathan shows many similarities with the novel of Megan McCafferty. After a closer inspection, it showed that Viswanathan had lifted large sections of McCafferty’s book and the Journalists at The New York Times found at least 29 passages that were almost similar. The book, which had attracted a $500,000 advance, was soon withdrawn by the publishers. However, the scandal doesn’t seem to have done Viswanathan any harm. She moved swiftly on to a new career.

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