This Gorgeous 50-Year-Old Mom Looks So Young! People Actually Think She Is Her Son’s Girlfriend

This Gorgeous 50-Year-Old Mom Looks So Young! People Actually Think She Is Her Son's Girlfriend

A 50-year-old lady had the entire Internet web stunned to its knees. Why? Because of the fact that she doesn’t resemble like a 50-year old woman by any stretch of the imagination! She looks so young, fit, and fabulous.

Puspa Dewi, otherwise called Mama Hadi, hails from Indonesia and she has become the nation’s sensation after photographs of her 50th birthday celebration went viral on the Internet.

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Her child, Dennis Hadi posted a photo of himself with Puspa holding a cake that had an immense ’50’ candle decorated on the top of it.  Clearly, people are having a hard believing that she’s 50 and she looks like a 20-year old girl. People just couldn’t believe that Puspa, the gorgeous lady could be 50 years old. Most of the people think she’s still in her 20s or 30s.

Puspa Dewi is a mother of two great looking young men, Dennis, her first kid and Alex Daniel Hadi, the younger child. In the photo that is being circulated around the web, Daniel was absent as he was in Singapore around then for his tertiary studies and stuff.

Dennis, the older kid has completed his graduation from Taylor’s Lakeside University in April 2017. The two young handsome boys have clicked pictures of themselves with their gorgeous and beautiful mother on many different occasions.

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At first look, one would have felt that they were a couple as opposed to mother and child. To clear up any confusion, the young men would more than often have to include the hashtag #mamahadi or clearly specify that the woman in the picture alongside them is their mother. But their followers have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that Puspa is their mom.

But the biggest question behind all this is how Puspa Dewi has managed to stay so young? There is no huge mystery to Mama Hadi’s attractive physique, make-up and a youngster like face. All things considered, the woman works out routinely!

Her own Instagram (It has more than 179k followers) is always loaded with pictures and recordings of her exercise schedules, which comprises of Zumba, dancing, aerobics, and cardio. That’s how she manages to stay young.Not only that she even does the body-weight workouts. The Hadi family has even uploaded the Mama Hadi’s exercise and workout routine on their YouTube channel.

It’s a well-known fact that working out keeps you more youthful—both as far as the vitality you have and your physical capacity to continue doing the things you adore. Fitness is like a serum for youth, fitness influences how energetic you look, the way you move, and your ability to do whatever you need, at whatever point.

While there jealous individuals who either badly want to look like Puspa at 50 or want to be married to a lady like her. In any case, Mama Hadi has demonstrated that there is no requirement for a large number of ringgits to be spent on plastic surgery or body slimming procedures and surgeries. All what’s needed is a determination, strong will power, a positive and motivated mindset, and appreciating one’s inner beauty.

Nutrition has a vital influence in restricting the aging process of human body. Would you be able to add a long time, add a few years to your life by settling on healthy food choices? YES! Indeed! There are numerous factors engaged with to what extent you’ll live, however by following a healthy lifestyle, exercising daily, eating healthy and nutritious food, you can moderate the aging process.

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