6 Actors And The Reasons Why They Left The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies


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Claire Holt’s portrayal of Rebekah has been nothing short of iconic. The badass vampire who can kill you with both her words and hands. The popularity of the Originals on TVD earned them their own series. Season 1 of the Originals focused on the three main siblings: Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah. Their power struggles and attempts to unite as a family. The actress left the Originals after the Season 1 Episode ‘Farewell To Storyville’. After Klaus finding out about her treachery, he spares her and gives her an opportunity to live her life freely. Rebekah can be seen leaving New Orleans. Many fans were surprised at her sudden departure, considering how her character was actively involved in the storylines.

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Claire explained to everyone that neither she was not pushed out of the show nor the writers ran out of the material. She further said that there was no drama or any conflict between the cast members. Her decision resulted from the fact that she had completed her initial commitment with the creators and made a life choice to go away. She wanted to focus on her family. Her character eventually returned in Season 1 finale when she takes Hope in her custody. Rebekah’s character was kept active in Season 2 when her soul becomes trapped in the body of Eva Sinclair by Kol. Claire was a recurring star throughout S2-S5.


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Steven McQueen is best known for his portrayal of Jeremy Gilbert, the younger brother of Elena. Similar to Elena, he was unaware of the existence of the Supernatural, her sister tries to protect him from the world, but he eventually gets pulled into it. Jeremy falls in love with a vampire named Anna who dies. He then gets involved in a relationship with Bonnie Bennett, Jeremy also fights with the Mystic Falls Gang against all sorts of evil. Perhaps, his big moment of shine came in Season 4 when he became an integral part of the storyline. He becomes a part of the Five who were tasked with destroying Silas.

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It was Julie Plec and Carol Dries’ decision who believed that Jeremy’s story arc has been completed. Now it was time for him to go, make a fresh start. The creators decide whether a character will die or move on, in case of Jeremy, his character was written to leave Mystic Falls under the guise of attending an art school. The character did return in S6 finale to bid goodbye to her sister. Then he made a cameo in Season 8 finale. The character of Jeremy Gilbert also appeared in the first season of Legacies. After leaving TVD, the actor appeared in the Chicago Fire.


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Matt Davis’ Alaric Saltzman is the only character who has appeared in all three shows: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies. His character Alaric died with the death of Elena Gilbert in Season 3 finale with whom his life force was linked. He was told by Julie Plec that Season 3 would be the end for his character. He took it as a blessing in disguise as the actor became the lead star in the CW’s horror show titled ‘Cult’.

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He explained that he had his fair share of creative differences when it comes to his character. He says he is an opinionated man and he found it frustrating when the storylines didn’t do justice to his character. Julie Plec found a way to wrap up his character as his contract also came to an end. However, the actor ultimately returned and made cameos and guest appearances. He was planning to leave the show again, but was ultimately promoted to the series regular in Season 6.

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