Actors Who Have Made Their Presence In Crossovers – Vampire Diaries, Originals, & Legacies

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The success of Vampire Diaries on CW inspired the network to launch the spin-off ‘The Originals’ which proved to be extremely successful. The popularity of Originals led to the inception of the Legacies which is set in the same universe. The Vampire Diaries mainly focused on the Salvatores and Elena Gilbert. The Originals revolved around the Mikaelson Family who was first introduced in S2 of TVD. Whereas Legacies focused on the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson named Hope along with the Saltzman twins, and a new generation of supernatural teenagers who study at the Salvatore School for the Young & Gifted which was opened in the TVD finale episode.

While the tone of Legacies is upbeat and it has more comical horror elements compared to Originals which was aimed for the adult audiences with its serious storytelling and shifting away from the high school drama. In Originals, numerous TVD characters have made their appearances. And numerous characters from the Originals have made their way onto the Legacies. But there are only a handful of characters who managed to make their presence felt in all three shows set in the TVD Universe.

So Take A Look At Actors Who Have Made Their Presence In Crossovers – Vampire Diaries, Originals, & Legacies


The CW
  • The Originals – For the Next Millennium (Season3)
  • Legacies – You Will Remember Me (Season 4)

One of the secondary villains of third Season of the Originals. She was the love interest of Klaus Mikaelson at one point of time and has been turned into a vampire by Rebekah. She is the first sired vampire of Rebekah’s sireline. She was placed into a coma in the Season 3 of the Originals, but made her return in Season 4 of Legacies and switched bodies with Hope.


The CW
  • The Vampire Diaries – History Repeating (Season 1)
  • The Originals – Voodoo in My Blood (Season 4)
  • Legacies – This is the Part Where You Run (Season 1)

Alaric is the first character to make his appearance on all three shows. He first appeared in TVD as a teacher who turned hunter after learning of the Supernatural hunter. He served as a father figure to Elena Gilbert and fought alongside the Mystic Falls Gang. Alaric shared a close relationship with Damon Salvatore whom he considered his brother. However, in Season 3, Esther corrupted him and transformed him into an Enhanced Original Vampire. Alaric has made appearances in Season 4 & Season 5 of the Originals. He arrived in New Orleans to help the Mikaelsons in destroying Hollow by giving them a bone linked to her. He also tried convincing Klaus to enroll Hope at the Salvatore School for the Gifted. In Legacies, he serves as the headmaster of the School and appears in a main role.


6 Actors Who Have Made Their Presence In Vampire Diaries, Originals, & Legacies
The CW
  • The Vampire Diaries – Pilot (Season 1)
  • The Originals – Where You Left Your Heart (Season 5)
  • Legacies – Salvatore: The Musical! (Season 3)

Caroline Forbes is one of the main TVD characters who started off as an insecure girl, but after transforming into a vampire there’s a major change in her personality. She grows into an independent, compassionate, and courageous woman who helps her friends in dealing with all sorts of Supernatural threats. She gets married to Stefan Salvatore in the finale season, but her happiness is cut short when Stefan sacrifices himself to save Mystic Falls. Left behind, Caroline finds her purpose in helping others and turns the Salvatore Mansion into a School for the gifted Supernatural children. She has appeared in the Originals in Season 5 when she is asked by Rebekah to check up on Klaus who has become frenzy due to Hollow’s magic.

While she has directly not appeared on the Legacies, but makes her presence felt through her voice. Candice King was uncredited for her voice role in the Legacies Season 3 episode. It can be expected that the actress will soon make her appearance in the Legacies.


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