6 Actors Who’ve Played Batman Before Robert Pattinson

4. George Clooney

Robert Pattinson as Batman

George Clooney became the next Batman for the film Batman and Robin with Chris O’Donnell in 1997. The film also featured Uma Thurman and Arnold Schwarzenegger in pivotal roles. In a recent interview we also seen saying that it wasn’t really a good film and he actually also warned Ben Affleck not to take the Batman role.

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5. Christian Bale

Robert Pattinson as Batman

Christian Bale played Batman in three films, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight was the one which won an Academy Award in the category of acting. Christian Bale auditioned for the role by wearing the actual Batman suit that Kilmer wore.

6. Ben Affleck

6 Actors Who've Played Batman Before Robert Pattinson

Ben Affleck is the one who will be replaced by Robert Pattinson. And Ben Affleck played Batman in three movies, Suicide Squad,  Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Don’t know how his fans will react to this news now, but let’s hope for the best.

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