6 Areas In Which India Is Better Than China

Welcome to Humor Nation. Both countries are the most popular countries in the world. It is true that China has progressed well in advance of India in many areas. They have more advanced software industry than India and there technical level of Science and Technology is more advanced as compared to India. But there are many areas where India is better than China.

So here are the areas where India is better than China!!

1. English

Communication through English in India is more fluent and easier as compared to that of China. The English that Indian spoke have Indian accent but still, they are more proficient in English than Chinese people. This might be attributed to the fact that India was once ruled by Britishers.

10 Areas In Which India Is Better Than China

2. Startups

India is the world’s second largest startup hub just behind the USA. More and more foreign companies are now investing in India and at the same time in China, several foreign companies are closing their doors due to very low labor cost.

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3. Young Population

India is having more Young Population than China and with this young population, India is far ahead than China and all other nations. A Young force is having more innovative mind and ideas and is very helpful in building a strong nation. Now in 2019 half of the population of India are in age between 18-29


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