6 Biggest Plot Holes In The Supernatural



If you remember Season 6, Death mentioned that he is powerful enough to reap God. In Season 5, Lucifer didn’t approach death directly which showed how much he is intimidated by death. This is a fact that archangels are below in the power hierarchy compared to entities such as death, darkness, and god. However, in Season 15 episode 19 titled ‘Inherit The Earth’, a resurrected Lucifer is able to kill the third incarnation of the death, Betty, using the snap of his fingers. The Reaper Betty was promoted to the new death and she is slayed with a simple snap from Lucifer. This doesn’t make sense as whoever death is, has powers and abilities which makes them definitely power than the archangels. Also, if you remember Season 10 finale where Dean kills the first death, he was able to do it using Death’s own scythe, the only weapon we are aware of in the existence that could kill the death.


6 Biggest Plot Holes In The TV Series Supernatural
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The entire point of stopping Lucifer from breaking free of the cage was to prevent the celestial war from happening. A war between the archangels Michael and Lucifer would start the apocalypse. The Winchesters worked really hard to prevent this apocalypse from happening which would destroy half the earth. Sam Winchester becomes the vessel of Lucifer and overpowers him, jumping into the cage and thus foiling the archangels plan to fight. Fast forward to Season 12 finale, Dean gives his consent to the Alternate Michael to possess him in order to fight and defeat the empowered Lucifer who stole the grace of Jack. Both archangels fight in a weird fashion and Michael emerge victorious. A second confrontation between the two takes place in Season 15 episode ‘Inherit The Earth’ where the main Universe Michael who possessed Adam fights Lucifer. The battle that was prevented in Season 5 finale finally takes place. Michael easily kills Lucifer. However, during both of these battles, there is no sort of damage or destruction that takes place.


6 Biggest Plot Holes In The TV Series Supernatural

Sam and Dean has traveled all across the country to solve crimes and in the process they have had run in with the law plenty of times. They have been accused of vandalism, theft, break-in, fraud, and numerous other offenses. This gets worse in Season 7 when Leviathans shapeshift into their forms, kill numerous people to frame them. Even though Winchesters are able to dispose off their credit cards, phones, clothes, and personal belongings that could link them to any crime. But they never change their appearances. They go on with their hunting assignments pretending to be fake agents in the same facial appearances. It’s a surprise that the cameras all across the country have not informed the authorities who should have arrested them by now.


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The true extent of the powers of the God has been quite a mystery. Sometimes his powers have limitations such as when he was unable to resurrect Gabriel in Season 11 in the fight against Darkness, he explained that it would take plenty of time and energy. Whereas in Season 15, he has been quite some omnipotent such as he was able to resurrect angels and demons with such ease. However, we learned in Season 13 that angels and demons go to the Empty after their death. The entity known as Shadow has dominion over this realm. Not even Darkness and God has any control over the Empty. Yet, God was able to resurrect Lucifer, Lilith, and numerous others in final season.

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