6 Characters Of Supernatural You Will Meet In College

Welcome to Humor Nation. A college is a place where you find the most genuine of relations. It’s like a hub for socializing, the fantastic and the freaks. Are you ready to take a sneak peek into our college lives!

Today we’ll identify these 6 characters from Supernatural we all have crossed paths in our college lives. Let’s go!

1. Dean

6 Characters Of Supernatural You Will Meet In College

We all have met this one guy who is the ‘typical frat boy’. But when we get to know him, he is actually sweet and sensitive. This guy has a hidden feminine side, appreciates strong women and is an ideal partner. Oh and he completely makes you drool!

2. Sam

So this is that inexplicably sweet senior who helps you out and shows you around on your first day. This guy is ‘the’ senior. He’s geeky, studious and is part of lame groups. That one active senior and in spite of his amazing record is very humble.

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3. Castiel

Castiel is the one person you have surely met. He’s the nice, gullible guy who you talked into doing your assignments for you. He is highly moral but is a true friend. He might be a little inept socially but his intelligence surely surprises you.


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