6 Facts About The Making Of Supernatural That Fans Should Know


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Making a show is a pretty complicated process. First you must have an interesting story to tell then you should have the right actors who can bring that story to life. You must have characters which are relatable and entertaining. Not to forget the importance of direction which can have a major impact. The making of Supernatural is full of surprising twists and turns that many fans are not aware of.

So Take A Look At 6 Facts About The Making Of Supernatural That Fans Should Know


6 Facts About The Making Of Supernatural That Fans Should Know
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Urban Legends have been pretty significant to the idea of Supernatural. The creator Eric Kripke has always been fascinated with the urban legends ever since he was a kid. He believed that United States has a rich history of such stories that no one has ever told. So when he started writing Supernatural, the first idea that he pitched to the network was about an urban legend show. The original idea involved the story of tabloid reporters who would travel across the country in a van, uncovering mysteries, and discovering truth. Later, when he modified the concept and the story became about two brothers who come from Lawrence, Kansas. Kripke chose Lawrence because of Stull Cemetery, a place notorious full for the urban legends.

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Eric Kripke pitched the idea to Peter Johnson who was the FOX executive. When Peter moved to Wonderland Sound and Vision, he called up Kripke. The production for the pilot episode was all set to begin. But Kripke was asked to make certain changes in the script. These changes included that the brothers were raised by their uncle and aunt, not their father. Also, when Dean arrives asking Sam for help, he would have to convince Sam about the existence of Supernatural. Kripke felt this would make the story much more complicated. He reworked the pilot script with Johnson and the backstory involved the father raising the boys.


6 Facts About The Making Of Supernatural That Fans Should Know
The CW

Originally Supernatural was written such that the major emphasis would be on the weekly monsters. The Winchester brothers would only serve as a vehicle to navigate through different horror movies featuring different kinds of monsters. Kripke’s idea was to terrify the people to their core. But after a couple of episodes, the creators noticed the undeniable chemistry between Jensen and Jared. This forced them to change the direction of the show, placing more emphasis on the brotherly relationship than the monsters. The monster became secondary while the Winchesters storyline was the primary aspect.


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