6 Improvised Supernatural Moments That Turned Out To Be Awesome


Welcome back to Humor Nation. While a show is expected to go as per the script, but often times the actors take the liberty to be spontaneous and go a bit off the script. This results in improvised dialogues and scenes. In case of Supernatural, as it turns out that numerous entertaining moments wee actually unscripted. Some scenes happened entirely different than how they were written in the script, the actors did ad-libs which were creative enough that the creators kept them in the show.

So Take A Look At 6 Improvised Supernatural Moments That Turned Out To Be Awesome



If you remember Season 1, a demon that really troubled the Winchesters was Meg. We were introduced to the demonic possession and back then demons were really formidable foes. In Season 2, Meg possesses Sam Winchester. While Dean and Bobby manage to subdue the possessed Sam by trapping him under the devil’s trap. However, Meg uses her power to neutralize the devil’s trap. The possessed Sam attacks Dean and gets a good piece of him until Bobby exorcises the demon. As Sam awakens from the ordeal, he has no memories of the encounter. Originally, the scene was supposed to end there, Meg escaping in her smoke form and Sam is left confused. But Jensen improvised the scene by Punching Sam (Jared). This made the scene even more interesting.

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If you are a passionate fan of Supernatural then you know Dean’s favorite catchphrase involves addressing the offspring of a female dog. If you know what I mean! SON OF A— Dean Winchester has used this expression numerous times, leading it to becoming his popular catchphrase. Interestingly, this line was supposed to be just a part of one episode and would be done there. But the actor found the phrase amusing, he used this line by improvising in several scenes in different episodes, leading to become his favorite catchphrase. If you re-watch Season 3 Episode ‘Bad Day At Black Rock’, after learning that the hunter Bela stole her lottery ticket, Dean is left frustrated and expresses his outburst by uttering the phrase. This wasn’t scripted! You could see Jared trying to control his laugh in the scene. Everyone enjoyed this moment and therefore the creators decided to keep it and saved the reel. Isn’t that quite amazing?


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