6 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Hope Mikaelson

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Hope Mikaelson was conceived in the Vampire Diaries, born in the Originals, and is thriving and growing powerful in the Legacies. She is the daughter of the Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and the werewolf Hayley Marshall. And she is the first tribrid in the TVD Universe. She is the first and only witch-werewolf-vampire hybrid. While Hope inherited the werewolf genes from both his father and mother. While the witch and vampire part comes from his father who was a part of the witch legacy due to his mother, the great witch Esther. Also, he became the Original Vampire through her mother’s spell.

So Take A Look At 6 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Hope Mikaelson


5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Hope Mikaelson
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Hope was conceived when Klaus and Hayley slept together on the Vampire Diaries. According to the witch Sophie, Hope’s birth is one of the rare nature’s loopholes. Initially, Hope believed that she is nothing more than a cosmic mistake, but she later learned about the true purpose of her existence. Nature allowed her birth to use her against the entity known as the Malivore. Malivore has been born out of the dark magic and it can consume all sorts of supernatural beings. Hope is one of the nature’s loopholes to be used against Malivore as a weapon. Her birth was a Nexus Vorti which attracted the attention of the witches.

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Hope Mikaelson has been given numerous nicknames by various people. Her mother Hayley called her the ‘Magical Miracle Baby’ while she was in the womb. She also addressed her as ‘Baby Girl’ on several occasions. Her aunt Rebekah Mikaelson has given her several names such as ‘The Demon Spawn’, ‘Princess’, ‘My Little Niece’, and ‘Mikaelson Miraculous Baby’. Her father Klaus has given her the name ‘Littlest Wolf’ which is a reference to her mother Hayley whom he addresses as ‘Little Wolf’.


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Hope Mikaelson is a tribrid, a witch-vampire-werewolf hybrid. Being the first of this kind, she is associated with four supernatural groups, the French Quarter Coven, Original Vampires, North East Atlantic Pack, and Crescent Wolf Pack. While she comes from the bloodline of a powerful witch named Esther, with the consecration of Esther in the soil of New Orleans, her descendants would be granted the power. She is a part of the Crescent Wolf Pack due to her mother Hayley and step-father Jackson being a part of the pack. Whereas his biological father Klaus has been a part of the North East Atlantic Pack which makes it a legacy for Hope. And finally, being a Mikaelson, she will forever be part of the Originals. She is also the first being to be born with vampiric blood in her system.


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