6 Interesting And Unknown Facts About The Archangel Michael

After being trapped in the cage for the years, he was driven mad while Lucifer tormented him. When the darkness arrived, it was suggested that Michael be called for the war, but God suggested that he is extremely damaged and cannot be used in the fight. When God went against the Winchesters, the brothers suspected that maybe God lied about the Michael. By Season 15, Michael changed his view about God. At one point, he only cared about his father God and worshipped him without a second though.

He sided with the Winchesters, but then changed his stance again, and informed his father about Winchesters plan to take him down. He felt rejoiced in seeing his father again, but God said that he cannot forgive Michael for betraying him, and smite him. The name Michael translates to ‘Who Is Like God?” As he is considered be God’s most obedient son, even though it was Lucifer who was the favorite son of God. When Michael confronts Lucifer, he was taunted by Lucifer saying that he’s the favorite son. Currently, no archangels exist. As Gabriel sacrificed himself, Raphael was killed by Castiel, Lucifer was killed by Michael, and finally God killed Michael. And the alternate universes were destroyed.


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The original plan was the apocalypse to happen in which Lucifer would lead the army of the demons and underworld whereas Michael will fight him leading the army of heaven. They would possess the respective Winchester vessel for the apocalypse, but it didn’t happen. Dean denied Michael to possess his body, it would eventually happen in Season 15 where Dean consents to the Alternate Michael possessing him.


The CW

In Season 5 when the Winchesters traveled back in Time to stop Anna from killing them and their parents. Michael intervened, he possessed John Winchester and finally met Dean. He told Dean Winchester that it’s inevitable, he cannot change his fate. No matter what path he chooses, he’ll end up in the same position. It’s destiny that Michael Vs Lucifer needs to happen and Winchesters will play their respective roles. But Dean decided that he won’t be a puppet, he will fight against the fate. He gave the name ‘Team Free Will’ to his team involving Bobby, Sam, and Castiel.

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