6 Interesting And Unknown Facts About The Supernatural Episode SWAN SONG


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Eric Kripke revealed that the reason he chose Lawrence, Kansas to be the homeplace of the Winchesters is because he found the mysteries surround Stull Cemetery quite interesting. He wanted the Cemetery to be a part of the pilot episode, but it didn’t happen for some reason. Poetically, he didn’t know that his story of Supernatural would end at the same place where he wanted to begin the story of Supernatural. Stull became infamous due to the notorious legends that the Stull Cemetery is the home of numerous demonic and supernatural forces. Some even believe that Stull Cemetery is the gateway to the underworld and the devil even shows up in the Cemetery twice a year.


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Led Zeppelin is one of the favorite bands of Eric Kripke. Even though SPN has not featured songs in their episodes due to licensing, but several SPN episode titles have been inspired from the songs of the band. Episodes such as ‘In My Time of Dying’, ‘House of the Holy’, ‘Swan Song’. There is also a mention of the popular song ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’, the lines of the song are spoken by Lucifer while talking to Sam. The episode also features a scene from the 1997 released film Dante’s Peak when the destruction and earthquakes are being reported on the news. The scene features an overpass bridge collapsing with cars on it.


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In this episode, Chuck tells the viewers about the story of Impala. The story of the Impala starts from the car manufacturing plant where the Impala was produced. Then it mentions that the car was bought by a man named Sal Moriarty for $3999, The name Sal Moriarty is a reference to the two characters of Sal Paradise & Dean Moriarty who are the protagonists of the Jack Kerouac written novel ‘On The Road’ which was published in 1957. Eric Kripke has revealed that the novel had a major influence on the show Supernatural. It inspired him to come up with the fantasy drama. Throughout the episode, the story of Impala comes into play. The memories of Sam and Dean associated with the car, the same memories & the army man which Sam crammed into the car as a kid allows him to take control of his body. Sam and Dean have slept in the Impala, it’s more than just a car.

Facts And Trivia Source: IMDB

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