6 Interesting Callbacks And References To TVD & Originals In Legacies

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Legacies is the second spin-off of the Vampire Diaries. The story of this show focuses on Hope Mikaelson and the Saltzman twins, along with the several other teenagers who study at the Salvatore School. While the show is set in the TVD Universe, but the show is completely different in tone with the Originals. The show is comical, light hearted, explores the various friendships and relationships, somewhat similar to the predecessor TVD. Legacies is currently airing its fourth season which featured the return of a major antagonist from the Originals. Throughout the four seasons, Legacies featured several references, Easter eggs, callbacks, tributes to Originals and TVD.

So Take A Look At 6 Interesting Callbacks And References To TVD & Originals In Legacies


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Season 3 of Legacies featured a musical episode that was a tribute to the Vampire Diaries and its major characters. This was a tribute to the different storylines of the Vampire Diaries such as the Salvatore/Doppelganger love triangle or the streamy romance of Klaus and Caroline. The musical episode featured the moment when Stefan and Elena first met. Also, the moment when Stefan met Damon for the first time in several years. Numerous Mystic Falls locations and significant events that happened there were also referenced. This was definitely a fitting tribute to the Vampire Diaries.

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Summer Fontana played the role of Hope Mikaelson in Season 4 of the Originals. She did a tremendous job of portraying the young Hope. When the threat of Hollow loomed over her head, her family had to make a sacrifice by absorbing a part of Hollow inside themselves and move far apart from each other. In Season 5, the teenager Hope is played by Danielle. However, Summer would return to Legacies when she made an appearance in a flashback when she was plagued with the dark spirt of Hollow.


6 Interesting Callbacks And References To TVD & Originals In Legacies
The CW

There’s an episode in Season 1 of Legacies titled ‘There’s a World Where Your Dreams Came True’ in which Lizzie comes across Ablah who could make any of her wishes come true, she asks that Hope Mikaelson would disappear which results in an alternate reality. A What if World where Klaus Mikaelson is still alive, he and Caroline Forbes are together, and are on a run. They run a supernatural school titled the Mikaelson Institute. A girl named Stefanie Salvatore is referenced who is implied to be the daughter of Elena and Damon.


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