6 Interesting Facts About Sam Winchester Than Fans Easily Forget



Supernatural is supposed to be the story of Sam Winchester. If you remember the beginning, majority of storylines revolved around Sam Winchester whether it’s special children storyline, his affair with Ruby, or becoming the vessel of Lucifer. However, slowly the focus shifted to Dean who was given more limelight and main storylines such as Mark of Cain, Affection towards Amara, and lots more. Even though one would say both are co-protagonists. But Eric Kripke originally intended Sam to be the main protagonist whereas Dean was supposed to be the POV character. This is the reason why it’s called ‘Sam and Dean’ and not the other way around. But the popularity of Dean Winchester helped him get more screen time.


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The bond of Sam and Dean has always been intense, Time and time again, they both have gone to extreme lengths to protect each other. Even if it mean that the entire world has to face the consequences then so be it. But there have been some instances where Sam did Dean dirty. In Season 6, Sam purposely let Dean be turned into a vampire. It’s easy to excuse him, for he was soulless. When Dean was trapped in Purgatory, Sam didn’t go looking for him. He ended up hitting a dog, falling in love, and started living a new life with Amelia. He gave up hunting and didn’t bother searching for his brother.

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In Season 4, not only did he lied about his demon blood addiction to Dean. But he fought Dean and left him behind by choosing Ruby over him which resulted in the release of Lucifer. Perhaps one of the worst things done by Sam came in Season 5 Episode ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ where Sam’s happy memories didn’t involve Dean at all. It involved him leaving behind John and Dean for Stanford, or the Thanksgiving time he spent with a family. Whereas Dean’s memories involved his family.


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While Sam always tried to do his best, save the innocent lives. But often times, his actions resulted in the death of closed ones. In Season 10, Sam seeks the help of Charlie to remove the mark of Cain from Dean. She helps Sam despite the dangers, Dean is completely unaware of it. Charlie meets a tragic fate at the hands of the Styne family. When Dean comes to know about it, he is devastated and massacres the entire Styne family.

Season 7 has been nothing sort of bizarre. From Leviathans to the ghost of Bobby, the storylines went to great extreme. In Season 7, Dean has a one night stand with Lydia which resulted in the conception of an Amazon named Emma. She would go through a fast growth rate, being able to talk and walk while she is only few days old. Emma would consume human flesh and put through rigorous training. She was tasked with killing his father, Dean Winchester. She arrives at Dean’s door and tries daggering Dean. Dean hesitated in putting down Emma, but Sam didn’t even flinch. Sam Winchester killed her niece with such ease. While Dean wasn’t close to Emma, but still she was his daughter and there were better ways to deal with the situation.


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When it comes to romantic relationships, Sam Winchester had the worst luck ever. Almost every relationship of his has ended up in a tragedy. While Dean has avoid relationships, Sam has been involved in numerous throughout the course of Supernatural. His first girlfriend Jessica Moore died in the same way as his mother Mary died. A demon was responsible for her demise and Jessica’s death forced Sam to return to hunting. Then his relationship with Ruby has been nothing, but toxic. She manipulated Sam and hooked him up to the demon blood which created a rift between the brothers. Becky Rosen who started off as a crazy fan of the Supernatural book series, but soon became the obsessive lover of Sam Winchester. She used a magical spell to control Sam and the two ended up getting married. While Sam and Amelia’s relationship was normal and healthy, both helped each other in grieving, but things got complicated when they find out Amelia’s husband is still alive.

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