6 Interesting Facts About The Phantomhive Servants!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Tanaka once said that if anyone ever tries hurting the young master in his mansion, no matter who they are, the Phantomhive servants will have no mercy on them. Today we will be taking a look at some interesting, unknown facts about the Phantomhive servants.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Interesting Facts About The Phantomhive Servants!

1. Sebastian

6 Interesting Facts About The Phantomhive Servants!

It was Sebastian who taught Mey-Rin and Finnian how to read. It’s really nice of the demon to help the humans.

2. Finnian

Finnian is capable of speaking the German language. It was shown in the Chapter 87 of kuroshitsuji that Finnian could speak German.

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3. Mey-Rin

6 Interesting Facts About The Phantomhive Servants!

When we first see Mey-Rin in the first episode of Black Butler, Mey-Rin’s eyes are blue, but after that they remain Hazel color for the rest of the anime… But an interesting fact is that in Manga, her eyes are actually of red color. Mey-Rin was given the glasses from the young master Ciel to wear and she refrained from ever taking the glasses off.

4. Tanaka

6 Interesting Facts About The Phantomhive Servants!

The creator of Black Butler Yana Toboso has revealed in an interview that the character of Tanaka was modelled after the late voice actor named Shunji Fujimura. Another interesting fact is that the character of Tanaka had thicker hair in the initial drafts of manga.

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5. Baldroy

Baldroy, the king of dynamite, is afraid of snakes, which is why whenever we see the Snake appear along with his snakes, Baldroy hides behind the fellow Finnian. He has also mentioned that his snakes fear originated from an incident which occurred in Arizona, but we still don’t know what that incident is.

6. Snake

Snake is believed to be a half-snake, it makes perfect sense since the guy has scales on it. But the adorable Snake is self conscious about having scales. We saw him being insecure when two women in Campanie were talking about Snake’s skin. Being a human-snake hybrid allows him to communicate with the snakes, let the snakes speak through him, and that’s why he can fall under the influence of a snake charming flute tone.

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