6 Interesting Facts About The Show ORIGINALS That Fans Might Not Know

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. We were introduced to the Original Vampires in the second season of TVD. It started with Klaus and Elijah, but in Season 3, we got to see the entire Mikaelson family. They started off as the villains, but the Mikaelson family soon became a fan favorite. Their popularity even surpassed the likes of the Salvatore brothers at one point. The reception the Mikaelson family got from the fans prompted the TVD creators to launch a spin-off that would explore the history and life of the Originals. The show ran successfully for five seasons and got rave reviews for its mature storylines and characters with depth.

So Take A Look At 6 Interesting Facts About The Show ORIGINALS That Fans Might Not Know


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The Originals has been an emotional rollercoaster ride right from its first episode. The show produced some memorable characters and was superior to Vampire Diaries in numerous aspects. The finale episode saw Klaus and Elijah dying together, Freya and Keelin plan to start a beautiful family together, Marcel and Rebekah starting their new journey. There have been numerous speculations as to why the show ended. When Originals entered into its fourth season, the ratings began to descend. On 20 July 2017, it was announced that the show won’t be returning after Season 5. The show creator Julie Plec and the Network team reached a mutual decision to end the show with its 5th Season.

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While poor ratings and predictable storylines are blamed for the cancellation of the show. It’s interesting that while Originals was axed, but Julie and production team got a greenlight for the spin-off of the Originals titled ‘Legacies’ which is comparatively inferior in terms of storylines and characters.

7 Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Vampire Diaries That Fans Might Not Know


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The famous scene of the Mikaelson family on the stairs during the event of Mikaelson Ball in TVD inspired Julie Plec to plan a spin-off. But did you know that the stars such as Jospeh Morgan and Claire Holt began campaigning for the spin-off on their own without knowing that Plec had already conceived the idea. It was revealed in the TVD BlueRay extras in which when Claire Holt sat down for dinner with Joseph Morgan, they were discussing the possibility of a spin-off focusing on the infamous Mikaelson family. This was during the time when they were filming for TVD. It was the response from the fans that made the showrunners consider the possibility. Morgan said that he would see the fan made trailers for the Originals series before the idea became a reality. He was amazed by them and would retweet them.


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