6 Interesting Facts About The Winchesters That Fans Might Not Know


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In the pilot episode, Dean comes to Sam seeking help in finding their missing father. The two then go on an adventure where they encounter the women in the white. After disposing the ghost, they return back to Sam’s apartment where they witness Sam’s girlfriend Jessica burning in flames in the similar fashion as how their mother died. But did you know that the writers originally planned to have John Winchester pinned to their ceiling instead of Jessica, but they later changed it. It would have been immensely terrifying for the brothers to witness their father dying the same way as their mother.


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As the Winchesters come from the bloodline of Cain and Abel, they have always been destined to serve as the vessels for the archangels for the celestial war. The major theme of Season 5 was the archangels war to control the world, while the angels wanted Dean to vessel Michael and Sam has always been the one true vessel for Lucifer. However, the brothers had plans of their own and changed destiny. The angels ultimately turned to Adam who also comes from the same bloodline so he housed Michael.

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In the time travel episode, when Dean and Sam revisits their parents, Michael temporarily possessed John Winchester to get his point across. Even though Dean had avoided being Michael’s vessel in Season 5, but he ultimately gave consent to house the alternate universe Michael in Season 13 in order to defeat Lucifer. Along with being possessed by Lucifer, Sam Winchester has also housed the angel Gadreel inside him who tricked Dean in getting the consent for Sam.


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Throughout the story of Supernatural, we have continuously seen the Winchesters sacrificing everything they got for the welfare of the others. They lost their families, they lost their lives, and still kept fighting. Henry Winchester, Men of Letters, was afraid of going out in the field due to the risk of anything happening to him. He was worried that if anything happened to him, his son would grow up to be Orphan. John ultimately grew up without a father. Mary Campbell married John to leave the hunter’s life behind, but the demon Azazel entered her life and ultimately became the reason of her demise, her children had to grow up without a mother.

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John raised his kids in the hunter’s life to protect them, he tried his best, but ultimately died for his children. Dean could have led a happy life with Lisa, but he let her go because he knew the risks. Throughout their lives, the Winchesters craved normalcy, but were forced into this dangerous lifestyle. Sam, who ran off to Stanford to get away from the family business was also dragged back into it after the demise of Jessica. However, in the end, he’s the only Winchester who gets to live a long happy married life, raise a kid, and die old.

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