6 Interesting Facts About Tokyo Ghoul’s Touka Kirishima

Unlike Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima has experienced the horrors struggles and difficulties of being a ghoul her entire life. Since the beginning her life was torn apart and ruined by the CCG aka Ghoul Investigators – its because of them that her father mysteriously vanished and her brother ended up leaving her. With her family separated from one another, Touka nows lives every day doing her best to blend in with human society. With her hatred for all CCG lingering in the back of her mind.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Interesting Facts About Tokyo Ghoul’s Touka Kirishima!

1. Ukaku Kagune

Touka Kirishima

Touka Kirishima has a kagune type called Ukaku Kagune. The Ukaku type Kagune are versatile and fast. Their Kagune usually grows under shoulder for aiding a feather type appearance. Ukaku Kagune can deliver high speed attacks however their stamina and endurance is very limited.

2. Incomplete Kagune

It can be seen that Touka Kirishima has an incomplete Kagune. The reason behind this is because Touka unleashed her Kagune at a very young age. Ghouls are not supposed to release their Kagune when they are so young since they could not hold the power of the Kagune. However Touka releases her Kagune in order to protect her little brother from the ghoul investigators.

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3. Fear Of Birds

Touka Kirishima suffers from Ornithophobia or the fear of birds. It happened when her little brother took care of the bird when they are young and still has their father on their side the bird pecked her right eye which she covers with her hair bangs.

4. Working At The Anteiku

Touka and her brother found Anteiku and they were taken care by Yoshimura. Touka was offered a school life to repay Anteiku and asked to be a waitress on the shop. However her brother declined the offer he left Anteiku without telling Touka where he will go.

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5. Ace Of Clubs

There is a themed deck of cards known as “Tokyo Ghoul Trump”. This special themed deck of cards has the cast of the series featured on the cards. It was originally meant as a giveaway for readers who has purchased the volumes of Tokyo Ghoul:re. Just like any deck this special deck too has 52 normal cards and four Joker cards. There are 10,000 Tokyo Ghoul Trump in existence. All the decks which were distributed to the people who won the contest. It is unknown whether there are any plans to make the TGT available to the public commercially. Touka is featured under the deck as an ace of clubs.

6. Rabbit

Touka Kirishima

She has been known as the rabbit. She wore the rabbit mask when going for a hunt to avoid the facial detection of CCG. According to CCG, the ghoul that killed the investigator Kusaba Ippei has a rabbit mask similar to a character named Kachikachi in character series “Zack”. Also Kaneki gave her a rabbit toy which she put on her phone.

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