6 Interesting Fun Facts About Sporting Equipment

Welcome to Humor Nation. Games and sports are always beneficial for physical health and protect our body from various disease and if you’re a sports fan, then you probably know plenty of fun facts about your favorite game. World records, player rankings, famous statistics. But the very important part of any game is sporting equipment.

So here are some interesting facts about sporting equipment!!

6. Golf Balls

Golf Balls were once made from leather and feathers and also known by the name of “feathery” or “featherie” ball in the 19th century. Feathery balls were very expensive and difficult to make. Until the introduction of synthetic material, feather ball has remained as the standard.

6 Interesting Fun Facts About Sporting Equipment

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5. Tennis Balls

The first yellow tennis ball was used in the Wimbledon in 1896 in a British tournament. Before this white tennis balls were used in play. Ever wonder why tennis balls are yellow? There is a simple explanation behind this! It is the vibrant color that makes the ball easier to see.

4. Base Ball

According to experts, the average life span of baseball is just 7 pitches. The next time you play a game of baseball, think about the lifespan of that baseball that how long it would last?

6 Interesting Fun Facts About Sporting Equipment


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