6 Interesting Things About Freya Mikaelson That Fans Might Not Know

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. In Season 2 of he Originals, we learned that there is another Mikaelson sibling who was presumed to be dead. The firstborn child of Esther and Mikael who everyone thought died in the plague. But in reality that she was taken away by her aunt Dahlia who took her away in exchange for performing the fertility spell on Esther. She planned on using Freya to become powerful. She used a spell on both of them which allowed them to preserve their youth by aging only a year and staying in a state of slumber for hundred years. Ultimately, Freya Mikaelson managed to free herself from the captivity of Dahlia.

So Take A Look At 6 Interesting Things About Freya Mikaelson That Fans Might Not Know


6 Interesting Things About Freya Mikaelson That Fans Might Not Know
The CW

After escaping from Dahlia, Freya came to know about her siblings and decided to see them firsthand. She traveled to New Orleans in 1914 and attended the Christmas party which was thrown by the Mikaelsons. She attended the party under the charade of Kol’s date. During this time, she got to see all her siblings and witnessed the cruelty of Klaus who staked in front of the entire party after Rebekah ratted him out. In Season 3, when Kol and Freya were reunited, Kol joked about how she was not interested in her charm in 1914 which made him to assume that she is into girls. This would come true in Season 4 when Freya started dating Keelin.

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With Dahlia’s curse, Freya would sleep for a hundred years during which she would grew powerful. Freya would be awake for only a single year after a century and she would be protected with a strong protection spell, making her virtually immortal. While being under the spell of Dahlia, Freya showcased immense feats of strength such as easily locating Finn, transferring him to her talisman, waking up Mikael with a pinch of blood. She snapped the neck of the neck of Klaus easily, and destroying Esther who was possessing Lenore.

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It is widely believed that since the death of her aunt Dahlia, Freya’s magic potential and power levels have changed. As we have seen her failing in many of her spells since then. But according to the Originals writer Michael Narducci, Freya Mikaelson still possesses immense magical power and potential, but she couldn’t use it freely due to the fear of over exhaustion as she is a mortal being now. Freya Mikaelson is currently the oldest witch alive in the TVD Universe.


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