6 Most Cursed Movies That Resulted In Deaths Of Many People!

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about cursed horror movies most of them seem to come from the 70’s and 80’s around. About this time horror film started to incorporate a lot more satanic and a cult imagery. Perhaps this is why strange things started happening to the film crew while they were recording them even they would experience real paranormal phenomena or people would start dying and having accidents in mysterious ways. The most famous examples of cursed movies are “The Exorcist”, “The Poltergeist” movie series, “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Omen”. Today we will take a detail look into the haunted stories of these cursed movies.

So let’s take a look at 6 Most Cursed Movies That Resulted In Deaths Of Many People!

1. Poltergeist Franchise

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One of the most famous movie curses comes from the sets of the Poltergeist films which reportedly claimed four lives of the main cast over its many years of filming. The movies produced by Steven Spielberg were a sensation upon their release, but the chilling aftermath of its human losses produced a terrifying legacy that sent shock waves through Hollywood. First there was the brutal murder of actress Dominique Dunne at the hands of her boyfriend, upon first glance this was a tragic loss, but nothing that pointed to a movie curse then the consecutive losses of actor Will Sampson during a routine operation.

And the death of Julian Beck who succumbed to cancer, finally the curse struck Heather O’Rourke, the protagonist of the series who was killed after a misdiagnosis from doctors when she became ill and fell into cardiac arrest. The reason for the curse it was reported that some of the props used in the original film or actually the remains of deceased individuals and they did not have permission to be used in the movie. Considering the plot of the film this is as ironic as it is tragic.

2. Atuk

While the film “Atuk” took was never proposed to be a horror movie the line of high profile deaths it left in its wake would serve as a terrifying film in and of itself. Originally conceived as a comedy about a traveling Eskimo, the part was first offered to a world famous comedian John Belushi who had just come off the wildly popular “The Blues Brothers”, he was reportedly a huge fan of the script and signed on immediately only to die of a drug overdose before the movie could enter production. The film attempted to move on recasting the part to actor Sam Kinison problems with funding persistent, but Kinison remained attached to the project until he was killed in a car accident.

In not seeing any concrete warning signs the movie continued to progress attaching popular comedian John Candy. Just a few short months later before the movie could start filming, Candy died of a sudden heart attack. Production ceased and the script floated around Hollywood for almost three years. With interest in the movie waning until it found itself in the hands of actor and comedian Chris Farley before he could commit to the picture, Farley died of a drug overdose.

3. The Conjuring

James Wan’s conjuring movies have proved to be worldwide smashes, producing spin offs and sequels that continue to make money to this day. But just as the movies are full of well crafted scares, the cast and crew of the first movie experienced strange paranormal events during filming. The odd occurrences include the director’s dog continuously barking at and growling at a person that was not in the room. The dog’s eyes then seemingly watched something walk from one side of the room to the other and eventually leave.

Later actress Vera Farmiga reported seeing devilish claw markings on her computer screens as she attempted to read the script she believed at first it was a joke being played on her by the crew, but no one ever admitted to the prank. When the real life mother, the film was telling the story of, visited the set she said she felt the same presence of the witch known as Bathsheba all around the crew. She later fell on set and had to be taken to the hospital. And finally whenever the screenwriters attempted to call the real life paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren that Vera Farmiga plays in the film, their calls were played by static and the line continuously going dead. Warren claimed that was unusual for her landline.

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4. The Matrix Series

Among the most heartbreaking and tragic of the movie curses is that of the Sci-Fi film “The Matrix”. The horrifying losses began with the news actor Keanu Reeves first child with his then girlfriend Jennifer Syme was stillborn while filming the Matrix sequel, Syme herself was killed in a tragic car accident. Then his filming got underway actress and singer Aliyah was killed in a plane accident she was originally cast as Zee and the part eventually went to Nona Gaye. Later actress Gloria Foster who played the Oracle passed away from diabetes at the age of 67. Throughout filming Reeves suffered multiple injuries, some very serious and his sister relapsed into a struggle with leukemia though she eventually recovered.

5. Rosemary’s Baby

Roman Polanski’s seminal horror film “Rosemary’s Baby” has a well documented string of atrocities that followed filming. Due to a reported movie curse the strangest events noted are that of the death of the movie’s composer who passed away after a blood clot developed in his brain. Strangely enough his death directly mirrored that of a character’s in the movie. The film’s producer suddenly experience kidney failure out of nowhere and had to be rushed into surgery.

But perhaps the most horrifying connection was that of the murder of Polanski’s wife and unborn child by cult leader Charles Manson. Polanski purchased the house in for music producer Terry Melcher who years prior rejected Manson’s propositions to be a musician. In revenge Manson ordered his cult to invade Melcher’s home and murder everyone inside what Manson didn’t know was that Melcher had moved out of the house and Polanski had moved in. While Polanski was not home that evening, Manson’s cult brutally slaughtered six people in one of the most famous murder cases in American history.

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6. The Omen

But perhaps no movie curse was as deadly as that of the film “The Omen”. A multitude of deaths and strange occurrences plagued the film’s production and leave behind a legacy far scarier than the movie itself. To start on three separate occasions were people who were involved with the film getting struck by lightning while on a plane. Screenwriter David Seltzer, actor Gregory Peck and producer Mace Neufeld all reported surviving freak lightning storms while filming.

Later Peck’s son would kill himself with seemingly no warning, then an assistant of a special effects consultant was brutally killed in a car accident with John Richardson. To make the curse even more real, when Richardson escaped from the accident relatively unharmed he looked up to find a road sign that read Allman 66.6 Kms. Then a tiger handler employed by the film died. Finally a plane that was originally supposed to be used in the movie was switched out at the last moment and redirected for commercial use. It later crashed and killed all the civilians on board solidifying the Omen the film with the most indirect casualties of all time.

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