6 Reasons Why Rahul Gandhi Is A Natural Born Genius!

Rahul Gandhi is the Vice President of Indian National Congress and he makes news every time he gives his opinion about something. A lot of people make fun of him and call him Pappu, Shehzada etc. There have been millions of trolls that are made on Rahul. Everybody has a perception of him that he is dumb and always talk rubbish. But, the reality is just opposite and he is a natural-born genius and most of the people can’t understand his intelligence because they are not aware of the level of intelligence of Rahul Gandhi.

Today, we are going to tell you the truth that is hidden from all of you and you’ve never heard before. We’ll be talking about the angle from which Rahul Gandhi looks. He’s been portrayed in a wrong manner in front of the nation and it may be the tactic of opposition.

Let’s Take A Look At 5 Reasons Why Rahul Gandhi Is A Natural Born Genius

1. He Thinks Differently

He has all the ideas in his mind that can bring our nation forward. He always talks for the upliftment of farmers and he knows how to produce potatoes in the factory. He has that secret formula of making potatoes but he knows that if he discloses that formula now, all the credit will be taken by Modiji. So, he’s waiting for Congress to come in power. That’s really smart of Rahul.

2. Portraying Himself Dumb Is A Smart Strategy

Rahul is really a genius in real life and portraying himself dumb is part of his tactics. Ordinary people like us aren’t capable to understand this. He just wants billions of people to know about him and then he will tell everybody that he was just gagging. That’s how he’ll become the Prime Minister of India.

3. He Is A Greater Physicist Than Einstein


We have all heard that Rahul talked about escape velocity in his speech. He is a genius physicist who wants to take our nation to great heights using the concept of escape velocity. His level of perception is so high that only people with high IQ will understand. Don’t forget that people laugh on every genius and they later have to accept him. Same is the case with Rahul Gandhi.

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4. He Knew About Steve Jobs Connection With Microsoft


Everybody made fun of Rahul when he linked Steve Jobs with Microsoft. People made lots of trolls where they mocked RaGA for talking rubbish. But, Rahul is a very smart person and he already knew that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are really close friends and it was all plan to show their rivalry to the world to increase their sales. Rahul is really a genius.

5. Understand The “Chhota Bheem” Connection

If you look at the history, every great personality took inspiration for small things. The philosophy of greatness is only understood by the people having amazing mental abilities. Yes, Rahul watches ‘Chhota Bheem’, but the reason behind this can’t be understood by ordinary people like us. Rahul wants our country to be strong like Chhota Bheem, he wants to beat countries like China and Pakistan just like Chhota Bheem beats his enemies and the most important thing is that he wants the protection of women just like Chhota Bheem protects Chutki.

6. Rahul Gandhi’s Coca-Cola Shikanji Connection

Rahul Gandhi is an innovator. People might criticize him for his lack of knowledge, but in reality Rahul is the very knowledgeable person. He has read thousands of books, has acquired practical knowledge in various domains. He even knows the secret formula of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola was originally made from Shikanji. The owner of Coca-Cola, John Pemberton used to sell Shikanji in Atlanta, Georgia. And through the capital he gained, he started Coca-Cola company.

Don’t mock anyone unless you know everything about him. It’s easy to make fun of people but not everyone has a brain to understand the greatness of Rahul Gandhi. Hope you like this and for more interesting stuff, like our Facebook page- Humor Nation.
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