6 Secret Places Google Earth Is Hiding From Us!

Google Earth
Google Earth is awesome, I mean how else can you travel virtually almost anywhere in the world while sitting in your living room.

Google Earth is awesome, I mean how else can you travel virtually almost anywhere in the world while sitting in your living room? I say almost because as comprehensive as Google Earth is, there are places that are hidden from us by either being blurred or are blacked out.

Most of these places are hidden for pretty obvious reasons such as military bases or nuclear power plants, but then there are places that are a bit more mysterious, they include creepy locations with a dark history possible size where you can find a nuclear bomb and a places that are so mysterious whose explanation being blocked on Google Earth are mostly conspiracy theories.

So Here Are Some Secret Places Around The World That Google Earth Doesn’t Want You To See.

1. Britain’s Anthrax Island.

Anthrax is probably one of the most feared and most well-known agent of biological warfare. It can be contracted by ingestion inhalation or just simple skin contact and if you do inhale it, the fatality rate is 98% even if you receive treatment right away in. During the Second World War, the power of Anthrax was tested by British scientists when it was released on a tiny oval-shaped Scottish island located in green yard Bay and researchers detonated a number of anthrax bombs on the island and the victims were 60 sheep who all died within days. Years after the great sheep massacre of 1942, the government decontaminated the island and declared it probably safe to visit in 1990, of course, I don’t know why anyone would want to visit this creepy sheep graveyard but if you want to see this place on Google Earth this is as close as you’re gonna get.

2. Secret Russian City.

Take a look at this, not only is this area of Russia in the Siberian tundra blurred out, it’s blurred out in a super creepy manner and nobody really knows why? but the best guess is that this is where some of Russia’s secret cities are located. Now, if you don’t know what this is, the concept of secret cities originated in the USSR in the 1940s and they were created so there could be secret locations where the most brilliant minds conjugated creating new technologies energies were developing and the new industries of aerospace and arms so kind of like a Russian Eureka, these cities were known only by a postal code and identified with a name in the numbers such as ours Amoz which is also a location that is believed to be where a large group of nuclear engineers lived and built Russia’s first nuclear weapon. These cities were not small and many of them had a population of over a million people and they are often surrounded by barbed wires and protected by armed guards access is only allowed to those with special permission and is strictly prohibited to all foreigners even leaving is difficult as you’ll need a special documents from authorities today. Russia still has over forty-four of these secret cities in their existence was not revealed even to the Russian public until now.


3. The Pacific Northwest.

This blocked out location near the Washington-Oregon border in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. is said to be a site where FEMA and Hart are working together to cook up something sinister. HAARP, in their website, claimed that it’s just a center and use it to enhance connections for both civilian and defense purpose. This sounds strange, but people are claiming that HAARP is actually developing technology to control the weather causing tsunamis earthquakes and other devastating natural phenomenons so a machine that controls whether of the chromosphere, basically the government is just building weapons from committed conquer anyway people actually went to the site and all they found was a threatening looking fence and in all marked entrance. So the question is that if that’s all there is, then why is this blacked out on Google Earth.

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4. Mururua.

If you didn’t know anything about its dark past, you would take a look at these beautiful ratshalls about miles from Tahiti on the edge of the French Polynesia and think they are perfect vacation spots but you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near this place if you knew that between 1966 and 1996, France conducted a hundred and ninety-three nuclear tests on these two places making them some of the most deadly sites on the planet.

5. A Nuclear Bomb.

In 1968 a B-bomber caught fire and crashed into the ice a few miles from the Air Base in northern Greenland. The aircraft was carrying four nuclear bombs following the crash and a massive operation took place to recover that the brace of the aircraft from five hundred million gallons of ice some of which contained radioactive wreckage from the bomber, U.S. stated that all four nukes were destroyed but documents obtained by the BBC under the US Freedom of Information Act, have disclosed that one of the weapons was never recovered.

6. The Snow Saddle In Nepal.

This one is definitely the most controversial one on the list, the Kangtega peak of the Nepal Himalaya also known as the snow saddle is a major peak with summit of over 22000 feet and if you look on Google Earth, you would see that it’s blocked and no one knows really why Google Earth blocked out this large area of the peak? I mean if it’s just rocks snow and ice then no big deal right? that’s why a lot of UFO enthusiasts are saying that what was blocked out is the remote and only accessible through air conkala pass and it’s either an alien base or some secrets government’s military facility as this area is known as a hot spot for UFO sightings skeptics. Of course, don’t buy into that notion and says that it’s just a glitch and nothing more, this one to me is the most interesting because I don’t know if I believe it’s just a simple glitch. I mean it’s got so much attention. I just find it really mysterious.

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