6 Secrets Google Doesn’t Want You To Know

Welcome to Humor Nation. Google is in a way a lot like Fight Club. For one, you can use it to see the people beat the hell out of each other, but most importantly the first rule of Google is that you don’t talk about Google. At least that’s probably what most of the employees are told on their very first day. Ironic thing is that Google is the massive source of information. But what is this giant search engine is keeping away, hiding from you? Well there are plenty of shady secrets that the search engine doesn’t want you to know or search for.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Secrets Google Doesn’t Want You To Know!

1. Google Is Not Really Free!

Like everyone else you must be thinking Google is free to use, but like anything in life, there’s a cost. Sure we don’t have to pay subscription fee or hand over the cash, but there’s a price to pay when using the Google. Every time we use the Google product such as search engine, images, maps, Google is collecting that information from us. They take a lot of information, more than we are comfortable with. Such as the websites we view, the products we view.

Google earned $36,000, 000, 000 in the year 2011 alone.

Google stores all this information in the database and then sells it to the advertisers who use target advertising to recommend the products to you. Ever viewed a product on Google and then the next few days all the online commercials selling the same product?

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2. Google Fights Dirty

6 Secrets Google Doesn't Want You To Know

Google knows how to mess up its competitors and let’s be honest, all those competitors don’t stand a chance against Google. According to Business Insider, some of the Google subsidiary companies have used phone hacking on their competitor phones to find the information and intelligence on their competitors customers. They use this information to sell their offers to their competitors’ customers.


3. Google Sneak View

There is absolutely no question about the amazing power of Google street view. Never before was there a way you can go to the streets of Berlin, Rome or New York. Unfortunately it’s not always good to have photos of every single street in the world, as it does show your home to the burglars. The Google cars that take the pictures and GPS coordinates also hack into your WiFi network and collect private data.

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4. Bizarre Side Projects

Google don’t just do maps, emails, naughty image searches, they also have Google X which is their secret R&D department. Like I said secret, we don’t what they are doing or trying out there. But what we do know is they are working on some very high-concepts stuff. The world already knows about Google Glass and driver-less cars that Google wants to be the next big thing. According to extreme tech, Google X was working on Hoverboards, Teleportation, and Space Elevators. What else could Google be working with their limitless funds and limitless potential?

5. Google’s Mysterious Earth

With Google earth, we can go anywhere in the world, anywhere we wanted to. Well as awesome it is, it’s not good. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said it could take you anywhere. It turns out that Google actually reveals the information of many military bases. This obviously isn’t a great idea. Google now has covered many bases, but in many cases it has put a black box over it or blurred it out which obviously makes the area look suspicious.

6. Google Is Watching You

We all use Google! We use it to search information, we use it to search answers for questions, we use it to view some naughty stuff. Not only that, we all type pretty embarassing information in that search box. Things we don’t want anyone to know about which could lead to an awkward situation. Those searches aren’t kept secret, Google knows everything, even what you search in the Incognito mode. Google keep every search we make, it stores it along with your IP address so they know who made the search. They know all your dark secrets and everything you ever typed in that search box.

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