6 Signature Defining Things About Elijah Mikaelson


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Elijah Mikaelson is not only known for his word, but also for his style. He can always be seen wearing a fine tailored suit. It’s a part of his identity. He always a different suit in every episode. In the beginning, Elijah dressed ordinarily along with the other family members. But as time passed, he started dressing sharply like a nobleman. In the modern times, he shifted to wearing a dress suit along with a tie and dress shoes. There’s a reason behind his clean and sharp dressing. After he accidentally killed Tatia, his mother Esther implanted the idea into his head to always remain clean and hide all his guilt and wrongdoings behind a red door.


Every TVD fan very well recognizes and rejoices in the way Elijah addresses his brother Niklaus. Even though this has been a running joke among the fandom, but interestingly the way Elijah pronounces Niklaus is quite accurate. The word Niklaus can be traced to the European origin, coming from Swiss, Germany, and Austria to be very specific. People there speak ‘I’ like the way ‘E’ is spoken in English language. While it is not known whether this idea came from the show runners, the writers, or if it was the actor Daniel Gillies himself, but this fine detail adds a lot to the character.


6 Signature Defining Things About Elijah Mikaelson
The CW

Klaus is the closest to Elijah. He considered the redemption of Klaus to be the relentless desire of his life. While other siblings either left or betrayed Klaus, but Elijah always stayed by his side. Even when Klaus daggered him numerous times and once handed him to Marcel as a gift, Elijah stayed. Even after suffering the loss of Gia and banishing Hayley into the werewolf form, Elijah eventually forgave Klaus and fought by his side. Despite Klaus being an Original Hybrid, comparatively more powerful than him, and known as the great evil to the entire world. Elijah still treats him like a little baby brother and Klaus regardless of how much evil he is, he does get a little scare when Elijah is genuinely upset with him.

The CW

The most selfless thing Elijah might have ever done is joining Klaus in his sacrifice. Elijah could have chosen to spend his life with Antoinette, finally free from all the family drama. But he chose to stay by his brother side, even joining him in perhaps the greatest adventure of the afterlife. He comforted and assured Klaus that whatever lies ahead, they both will face it together like they always did.

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