6 Signature Defining Things About Klaus Mikaelson

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Klaus Mikaelson is arguably the most popular character in the TVD Universe. This character too existed in the TVD books, however, the book version of Klaus Mikaelson was entirely different. It was pretty old in age and far more sinister and devious. The TVD showrunners decided to cast a younger actor for the role. Interestingly, the casting for the character took too long so the writers had to create the character of Elijah Mikaelson to keep the storyline progressing. He’s a character whose reputation preceded him. There was an immense anticipation and hype surrounding this character. Eventually when he arrived, he turned out to be far more ruthless that we imagined him to be. But the charisma of the actor Joseph Morgan made Klaus into a fan favorite. This compelled the writers to transform him into an anti-hero and also explore his story arc in depth thus giving him more screen time and ultimately a separate spin-off.

So Take A Look At 6 Signature Defining Things About Klaus Mikaelson


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Throughout the Originals, we have been made familiar with numerous talents of Klaus Mikaelson. From disposing off his enemies in the blink of an eye to painting beautiful masterpieces, the Original Hybrid possesses great skills. Paint and artwork has been extremely significant in the life of Klaus. He has been painting long before he was a vampire. Art was that one thing which still kept him connected to his human side. It was art through which Klaus and Cami bonded. Klaus was impressed by the way Cami described an artwork as he felt understood. Her comments brought out the humanity present inside him and eventually convinced him to care about his unborn child. Again, when Klaus was rescued from the Marcel’s captivity and was reunited with Hope. It’s already been five years and now Hope is no longer infant, but a child. Klaus was struggling to connect with her, but through art they bonded. Like her father, Hope also draws and paints.

6 Signature Defining Things About Elijah Mikaelson


6 Signature Defining Things About Klaus Mikaelson
The CW

There are so many things that makes Klaus Mikaelson a great character. From his captivating backstory to his unique hybrid nature. But one thing that separates Klaus from other male characters is his British Accent. Let’s be honest, any word spoken from his mouth becomes a poetry. He has spoken numerous great and memorable quotes on the show. But his signature ‘Hello Love’ stands out the most. Those two words can make any girl go weak in her knees. And who can forget his iconic screaming of REBEKAHHHHH! The fans at the conventions have always asked the actor to do his signature Rebekah scream.


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