6 Similar Characters That Exist In Both Supernatural & Lucifer Universes

5. EVE

6 Similar Characters That Exist In Both Supernatural & Lucifer Universes

Another biblical character part of both Lucifer and Supernatural is Eve. Eve is the first woman created by God who became the wife of Adam and both of them resided in the Garden of Eden. However, Eve was influenced by Lucifer which resulted in Adam and Eve being sent to Earth. She is the mother of Abel and Cain. Eve resided in heaven after her mortal passing, but she grew bored of heaven and came to earth where she began a relationship with Lucifer. But Lucifer cannot stop loving Chloe Decker. Mazikeen developed a romantic interest in Eve and the duo would eventually end up getting married, working together as bounty hunters.

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The character of Eve appeared in Season 6 of Supernatural. This Eve existed long before the angels, she predated the humans. Eve is the mother of all the Alphas, the first monsters in the SPN Universe from which the different species such as vampires, werewolves originated. She was trapped in the Purgatory, but was released to Earth. This Eve shouldn’t be confused with the Eve of Adam and Eve. However, This Eve was mentioned in Season 9 Episode Road Trip. Similar to Lucifer, this Eve was also created to be the wife of Adam, but she was tempted by Lucifer to eat the forbidden fruit, this led to the fall of humanity.

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Both the Lucifer and Supernatural also featured the character of Adam, the first human created by the God. He is the husband of Eve and father of Cain & Abel. He loved in the Garden of Eden along with Eve, Gadreel was tasked with protecting the Garden, but he was tricked by Lucifer who manipulated Adam & Eve in consuming the forbidden fruit which led to the fall of humanity. Adam fell in love with an angel named Serafine which lasted for a very long time. When Adam came across Dean and Jack, there was a plan which involved Jack absorbing a rib of Adam which would help Jack in terminating Chuck.


The Adam in Lucifer Universe is also the first male created by Chuck who lived with Eve. However, Adam’s first wife Lilith who left him, but he could never get over the breakup. Eve tried her best to become the woman that Adam longed for, but it didn’t help. After losing Eve in the Paradese, he returns and shows up at Eve & Maze wedding. Adam is counselled by Dr. Linda who helps him see error to his ways.


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