6 Supernatural Actors That Have Passed Away

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural took us on a thrilling and emotional roller-coaster ride that lasted for 15 years. During this time, we immersed ourselves into this amazing show, we kept ourselves updated with the storylines, news related to show and actors. During the 15 seasons, hundreds of talented actors appeared on the screen. While many of these actors met their tragic fate on the screen, some at the hands of Winchesters. While one can cheat death in the Supernatural Universe, but sadly the same cannot be done in the real life. Death is the ultimate reality which cannot be tricked using loopholes or making deals with the demons. While some of the actors on the list left a long lasting impression with their characters, some could easily be forgotten. Nonetheless, they were a part of the Supernatural family and their passing away is a blow to the fandom.

So Take A Look At 6 Supernatural Actors That Have Passed Away


6 Supernatural Actors That Have Passed Away
The CW

Billy Drago is best known for his villainous roles in TV shows and movies. The actor played the role of Barbas in the hit TV series Charmed. He even made appearances in shows like ‘The X-Files’, ‘The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.’. The actor appeared in Season 3 episode ‘Time Is On My Side’ where he played the role of the serial killer Doc Benton. This terrible doctor needed to kill people at regular intervals for their organs that he could use and beat death. He used science in order to attain the immortality. He has a formula stored in his book that allows him to replace his damaged or worn out organs with fresh ones. At the age of 73, the actor suffered a stroke and passed away from the complications of it.

Supernatural Easter Eggs In Other Popular Shows


6 Supernatural Actors That Have Passed Away
The CW

Chad Everett will always be best remembered as Dr. Joe Gannon of the Medical Center. But the Supernatural fandom will remember him as Dean Winchester. After battling with lung cancer for almost 2 years, the actor passed away at the age of 75. An interesting fact is that the actor, Dylan Everett. who portrayed the younger version of Dean Winchester shares the same last name. The actor appeared in Season 5 episode titled ‘The Curious Case of Dean Winchester’. Sam and Dean learn about a cunning witch who runs a poker game where one has to put the years of their life on the line to win. Bobby sees the game as a chance to escape his wheelchair, but ends up losing. Dean tries to save Bobby, but ends up losing the years of his life, and ends up becoming an old man.


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