6 Things About Dean Winchester That Make No Sense

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. We all know what a messed up character Dean Winchester from Supernatural is. The show has changed its course in these 13 years but Dean’s character still remains the same just like some of his senseless attributes.

Let’s have a look at 6 things about Dean Winchester that make no sense at all!

1. Dean’s on and off relationship with technology.

Dean Winchester is seen building an EMF reader by using cannibalized spare parts but has no clue what an X-box is and has trouble working a computer. Doesn’t make sense right? However things have eased up a bit. Dean now has a smart phone which again is irrelevant given the use of burners in the show!

2. Whatever happened to Cassie?

Cassie Robinson was introduced in season one of the series. Dean and Cassie had a brief yet intense relationship when he was on a hunt in Ohio. So much so that Dean even told her about his occupation and the supernatural. But then, Cassie was never mentioned any further than season 1. She at least deserved a reappearance at some point given the bond the two of them shared.

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3. Dean’s actual age.

Given the messy time line of the show, predicting Dean’s age is a bit tricky. Considering his trip to hell and his trip to purgatory, the actual age of Dean Winchester is a hard thing to pin down. Though the show does attempt to work in real-time, there were some time jumps over the years as well.


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