6 Things About Klaus-Elijah Mikaelson That You Might Not Know


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Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson have fought each other numerous times. When it comes to strength and power, they are almost on the same level. Both of them are Original vampires, Elijah being older and skilled is expected to be stronger than Klaus. But the hybrid nature of Klaus gives him the edge. Not much difference could be seen in their powers then they fought, but Klaus uses his werewolf powers such as the werewolf venom in the bite to get the edge.

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Klaus is more faster, stronger, and powerful than Elijah because he is a hybrid. We have seen the werewolf bite of his troubling Elijah and even making him hallucinate, making him weak. Also, when Elijah attacks Klaus in anger, he could be defeated more easily. However, there have been times when Elijah managed to subdue Klaus by using the element of surprise. Such as when he daggered Klaus allowing Hayley to escape with Hope. In TVD Season 2, Elijah had almost killed a weakened Klaus, but he stopped.

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Both the brothers are directly/indirectly responsible for the deaths of each other’s lovers. Klaus is responsible for the death of the witch Celeste Dubois who was Elijah’s lover in the 1800s. He pinned the killings he did on the witches. Even though later we come to know that Celeste was alive, she had switched bodies. So that could be forgiven, but when Klaus took his revenge by compelling Gia to remove her daylight ring and walk in the sunlight, Gia burst into flames in front of Elijah. This was truly unforgivable. But Klaus isn’t the only who did such wrong deeds.

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Elijah Mikaelson is known as the honorable one because he can control his animalistic impulses. But there was a time when he couldn’t control his vampirism and slaughtered the poor Tatia. He then believed that it was his mother Esther who did it. However, he was made aware of the memory of the actual event in Season 2 of the Originals. Even though Hayley wasn’t Klaus’ lover, but he cared and valued her probably the most after Hope. In Season 5, Elijah’s memories were erased so when Hayley sought out her help, he couldn’t remember her. Desperate Hayley sacrificed herself to save Klaus and Hope. Elijah did nothing, but stood and watched. Klaus later blamed him for the demise of Hayley.


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