6 Things About Sam Winchester That Make No Sense

Hello readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Supernatural has been on air for 13 years now. But Sam Winchester is still figuring things out since there are a few things about him that don’t make any sense.

Join me in looking back at 6 things about Sam Winchester that make no sense at all!

1. What happened to evil Sam?

In the season two finale “All Hell Breaks Loose,” Sam is transported to the ghost town of Cold Oak after he is abruptly kidnapped by Azazel. It’s then that he is fatally stabbed and Dean makes a deal with the demon (literally) to resurrect Sam and end their story with Azazel for good.

5 Things About Sam Winchester That Make No Sense

However, Sam does not return from his afterlife ‘hundred percent pure’. There is this evil version of him that is talked about but is never explored in the later seasons.

2. His always flawless hair.

Sam’s hair has been an object of fascination from the start. The flawless attribute of his hair can be linked to Hollywood glamour. But, the question still remains how it stayed so beautiful after encountering some of Hell’s worst demons?

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3. Why did he stay with Ruby?

In season three finale, Dean is brutally mauled by hell hounds. in the next episode he is resurrected from the ground only to find Sam still with demon Ruby. He is training with her to use his telekinetic powers.

Well, the question here is that for a show that puts family first, it makes no sense for Sam to stay with Ruby that too just after his brother’s demise at the hands of a demon.


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