6 Things That You Might Not Know About Klaus Mikaelson-Camille O’Connell

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Klaus Mikaelson might have discovered that he’s capable of loving someone on the Vampire Diaries through his experiences with Caroline Forbes. But his character truly developed through his relationship with Camille, They first met in the Season 4 episode of the Originals which served as the backdoor pilot to the Originals. Their relationship started pretty slowly as they first bonded over a painter’s artwork. Klaus was impressed with the way described the art piece, it resonated with his inner loneliness. Then they developed a relationship when Klaus compelled her to record his journals, but when Cami removed the compulsion with the help of Davina, she became frustrated with Klaus for using her.

So Take A Look At 6 Things That You Might Not Know About Klaus Mikaelson-Camille O’Connell


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Klaus has compelled Cami several times throughout the show. At first, she compelled him to give Marcel another chance. Eventually, her and Marcel ended up sleeping together. Then he had compelled Cami to record his memoirs and then forget about everything when he is not present around her. Eventually, she freed herself from the compulsion. Then he had taken Cami to meet Hope, but compelled her to forget about the secret once she leaves the Mikaelson safe house, she gladly accepted it.


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Klaus is well known for his paranoia, trust is hard to come in the case of the Original Hybrid. There are only a few people that he ever trusted in his life. But when it came to Cami, he trusted her more than his siblings. It’s because Cami believed in him and stood by him when his siblings left him. She was the only one who supported him in his fight against the witch Dahlia. This is reason she was the only one who knew that Klaus didn’t kill Aiden and purposely took the blame. He felt an emotional connection with her and chose to be vulnerable around her by expressing all his suppressed memories and emotions. Klaus trusted Cami with confidential information even though he had compelled her to forget all their conversations once she is not in his presence.

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6 Things About Klaus-Elijah Mikaelson That You Might Not Know


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Klaus Mikaelson is one of the most powerful beings in the TVD Universe. There are only a few things that could kill the Original Hybrid. The White Oak Stake is one of them. So when his father Mikael was let loose and got into the possession of the White Oak Stake, it possessed a great deal of threat to him. Klaus ultimately confronted him and they got into a fight in which Klaus defeated him. He had to chance to neutralize the threat once and for all. But Cami stopped Klaus from killing Mikael.

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It’s pretty hard to believe considering the fact that Mikael terrorized him for years, Klaus hated him throughout his life, and wanted to kill him. But he listened to Cami and spared his life. But Mikael proved to be too determined to kill Klaus, he managed to free himself from the Papa Tunde Blane, and kidnapped Cami with her. Klaus while trying to save Cami became distracted and Mikael staked him with the White Oak Stake. While Davina and Kol’s spell managed to stop the White Oak Stake from functioning momentarily. Camille saved Klaus by taking out the White Oak Stake in time.


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