6 Unknown And Amazing Facts About Lucifer


Welcome back to Humor Nation. So You think you are a passionate Lucifer fan because you have seen all the seasons and you remember all the storylines and significant events? Well, you would be surprised to know there are numerous facts and trivia related to this amazing show that many fans are still not aware of. Did you know that Lauren, Tom, and Aimee are within 12 days apart, they were born in the same month and year, they are almost of the same exact age. Or the fact that the name of the episode has been said by Lucifer in that episode. Or the fact that Lucifer which is based on the DC Comics written by Neil Gaiman, the author has been referenced several times on the show, and has did a voice-over as God in Season third’s alternate timeline episode.

So Take A Look At 6 Unknown And Amazing Facts About Lucifer


5 Unknown And Amazing Facts About Lucifer

It is well know that Lucifer has an amazing power of bringing out the hidden, secret, forbidden desires and wishes of people. He is able to compel them to reveal them. But something that people might have noticed that Lucifer’s power allows him to compel them to not just reveal the desires, but also force people to be truthful and confront their wishes or desires that they might be denying. For example, when he made the paparazzi photographer to confront and explain his past actions or when he made Dan take responsibility for his failed marriage and career spiral. He is also able to recognize when someone is telling a truth or a lie. He can identity if a person is telling the entire truth or part of it.


5 Unknown And Amazing Facts About Lucifer

Did you know Season 6 is the only season after S1 that doesn’t feature the character of Lee Garner. Since Season 2, Lee Garner has made an appearance in every first episode of the season. Season 6 is also the first season where Lucifer doesn’t address the character of Dan by the nick of ‘Detective Douche’. Another interesting fact about S6 is that it’s the only Season where the main cast has been present in every episode. Season 4 and Season 6 are the only seasons in the Lucifer to have the fewer episodes, both seasons have only 10 episodes. Season 3 has the most number of episodes.



While the actors have done a tremendous job of portraying their characters on Lucifer. We cannot imagine someone else playing them. Out of all the Lucifer cast members, Aimee Garcia who played Ella and Lesley-Ann who played Maze like their characters the most. We see the character of Chloe Decker who carries herself seriously and doesn’t engage in nonsensical activities, but in reality the actress who plays her Lauren German is more like the character of Lucifer in real life. Whereas Tom Ellis is more like Chloe Decker.


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