6 Unknown And Amazing Facts About Lucifer


5 Unknown And Amazing Facts About Lucifer

Lucifer has a unique style of his own, his tailored suits, footwear, cuff links are one of a king. His ring of Lilith has also quite a story attached to it. In Season 5 finale, we saw him giving his ring to Chloe to save her life. You would be surprised to know that the pentagram cuff links and the ring worn by Lucifer has been prepared by the Canadian Jeweler Benee Rubin. Not just that, but the Pin Necklace of Amenadiel that is a piece of the Flamming Sword was also prepared by the same jeweler. He has made all the accurate copies of the items that were used on the show made available on his website which the fans can buy.

Some Unknown Supernatural Facts & Trivia That Are Amusing



The show has made several references to the popular Greek myth and allegory of the hell. Trixie’s full name is Beatrice. It is also the name of a character in the iconic Dante’s Divine Comedy who served as the heavenly guide of Dante. If you remember in Season 2, you could the paintings of pomegranates in the office of Charlotte. Many believe that it’s not apple, but pomegranate that is the forbidden fruit of knowledge from the Garden of Eden. Persephone ate the pomegranate fruit, she is the queen of the underworld, wife of Hades. In some respect, it’s similar to the Goddess who returned to earth from the underworld of hell. The name Chloe is one of the names of the goddess Demeter who was the mother of Persephone.



Numerous cast members have known each other prior to the show. DB Woodside who played the angel Amenadiel and Rachael Harris who played Linda worked together on the popular show ‘Suits’. However, their characters on the show never shared a scene together. Also, Lesley-Ann who played Maze and Tricia Helfer who played the dual roles of Goddess and Charlotte Richards worked on the same show ‘Librarians’, but they also never did a scene together. Lesley-Ann Brandt gave a life to Mazikeen through her performance, but did you know the actress Lina Esco was the original choice for Mazikeen, but after the first table read for pilot, the actress was let go.

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