6 Unknown And Interesting Things About Crowley That His Fans Don’t Know


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His name is a reference to the famous English Occultist Aleister Crowley who was notoriously known as the ‘Wickedest man in the world’ by news media. Many press and newspapers dubbed him as a Satanist. Crowley’s birth name was Fergus which Rowena always uses to address him. But he despises it because it sounds like some kind of disease. Another interesting fact is that he’s the only demon in the Supernatural whose human name was revealed on the show.


The CW

It has been implied that Crowley was involved in a relationship with the angel Naomi based on their interaction. However, the writers admitted it was not true. It is the second angel-demon pairing on the show after Castiel and Meg. However, the new death Billie had worked with Crowley when she was just a reaper. It was also hinted that they were involved in a relationship.

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The CW

Crowley’s true form is a dark red cloud which is unique. The normal demons have a black cloud. His form form also matches with the color of his red eyes which is due to him being the King of Crossroads. It is also unique in the sense that other demons such as Lilith who had white eyes or Azazel who had yellow eyes, their true form is similar to a normal demon, represented by a black smoke.

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