6 Weirdest Good Paying Jobs In The World That You’ve Never Heard of!

Hey guys! Thanks for visiting HUMOR NATION. It’s Anshay here again with a new article for you guys. Have you ever sat inside a tiny office cubicle and ask yourself why you have such a boring desk job? Trust me I’ve been there an engineer right here. God that was not exciting! Look in my defense I didn’t think I had many options I mean I’m an Asian. So I was supposed to be either an engineer, an accountant or a doctor right? But if only I knew about some of these interesting or just flat out strange jobs, my life might have been a lot different so here are some of the strangest jobs in the world that you probably never heard of!

So let’s take a look at 6 Weirdest Good Paying Jobs In The World That You’ve Never Heard of!

1. The Train Pushers AKA Oshiyas

First off, I am sure you’ve seen the viral videos of a super and I mean super crowded subway train in Japan and then you see people actually shoving the overflowing passengers into the trench. Well that’s an actual job called “OSHIYA” where people are train pushers, a helpful pusher unlike the other kinds. During the heavy traffic and rush hours in Japan, the railway station attendants called pushers or OSHIYAS, they have the responsibility of pushing passengers into their respective trains. The reason behind their need is because of heavy rush and traffic, and almost everyone uses the Japanese railways to reach their school or work.

Attendants have a job of squishing as many people onto the trains as humanly possible. The pusher not only needs brute strength but also leave a certain amount of skill and this job also requires training for up to six months and my guess is a big part of that training is to watch videos on good touch and bad touch.

2. The Chick Discriminator

This is a job that common in most places with chickens or large commercial hatcheries. Trained professionals called the Chicken Sexers are hired to distinguish the gender of newborn chicks. They do this through a method called a venting which is physically squeezing the baby chick until it poops or pees, the Chicken Sexers will be able to see the chicks genitalia, allowing them to distinguish its gender. Sounds stupid right? But this job has a salary of fifty thousand dollars a year and apparently there’s a shortage of chicken sectors in the UK and this is another one of those jobs where you need to find the proper balance because you don’t want to accidentally hurt the little chicks also I’m wondering what if the chicks don’t have to go.

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3. Elephant Dressers

In countries like India, Sri Lanka, China, Korea elephants aren’t just specimens at the zoo. They also take part in many events and festivals where they are dressed up and used to parade around the streets. You can’t just have anyone dressing up the elephants, there need to be specialized elephant dressers. They are in charge of picking the appropriate outfit and creating beautiful costumes. The elephants that take part in religious festivals and ceremonies although they need to make sure that the outfit they pick out really brings out the elephant’s eyes.

4. Snake Milker

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Yeah Snake Milker! This is a job that obviously has to do with snake and it’s going to be a job I will always stay away from. What’s even worse is that you’re milking snakes! I didn’t even know you could milk snakes. Oh yeah you can milk anything with neepples. Okay I don’t think snakes have neepples, but I gotta be honest, I never really looked and in this case milkers have to milk snakes for venom which plays an important role in science. The venom which is valued because it can be used for antivenom and medicine. Although extracting the venom serves a good purpose, the snake milkers have it pretty bad, they have to deal with snakes every single day and place your fingers millimeters away from the sharp things of vipers. cobras, and rattlesnakes.

A snake milker is responsible for breeding the snakes as well because while simple math more snakes equals more venom and you can’t just be fearless to do this. You have to have a degree in biology or chemistry or biochem on average. Snake milkers only make around twenty five hundred dollars a month which is surprising considering how deadly the job is. Also I’m kind of confused here can anyone explain to me why a person milking a snake makes almost twice as less as people who make little chickens pee.

5. Dog Food Taster

This is disgusting! Dog food taster! If you ever looked at your dog’s food and thought I wonder if it’s going to taste good. Just know that there is an actual profession out there called DOG FOOD TASTERS! These people are hired by pet food company to test the quality of their products. I guess it makes sense because you can’t really ask a dog if he’s enjoying the food. The dog food tasters evaluates not only the taste, but also the nutritional value. They usually spit the food out once they taste it, but that still sounds nasty. These tasters make up to seventy seven thousand dollars a year.

6. Human Scarecrow

This is a job that sounds pretty easy, right? Unless they are making you sit on top of a stick, but being a human scarecrow is not as relaxing as its sounds, just ask the sky. So outside of Gotham, you have to stand in the middle of the field regardless of weather and the only company you have for the entire eight hour shift is the occasional farmer or passerby. Also the pay is pretty bad, you only get around a three hundred dollars a week which is not enough to make a living. That just horrible you’re standing around, scaring away wildlife and you only get around three hundred dollars a week. Maybe that’s why people go crazy and start making crop circles.

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