7 Behind The Scenes Facts About Supernatural That The Fans Don’t Know


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Did you know that Jensen Ackles could have been the Hawkeye, but the actor ‘allegedly’ turned down the role because he was committed to the Supernatural. The actor was also among the front runners for the role of Captain America. Jensen Ackles has voiced DC’s character Jason Todd in Batman: Under The Red Hood and given the voice of Batman in the latest Batman: The Long Halloween. The actor will also be seen playing Soldier Boy in the second season of the Boys.



Did you know there’s a Supernatural Anime! In 2010, WB partnered with the famous Japanese studio Madhouse to produce the anime series titled Supernatural: The Anime. The anime consisted of 22 episodes and it covers the storyline from Season 1 and 2 of the show. The anime explored the childhoods of Winchesters in detail along with expanding on the secondary characters from Supernatural. While Jared Padalecki voiced Sam in the English Dub, Jensen voiced only the last two episodes to the schedule and commitment issues. The artist Andrew Farrar voiced Dean in the remaining 20 episodes of the anime.


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You must have noticed that numerous episodes of the show have been named after the classic rock songs. This is because the show creator Eric Kripke is an immense fan of the classic rock and has named episodes after his favorite songs such as ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, ‘In My Time Of Dying’, these names also reflect the theme and storyline of the episode. There are episodes named after the songs of The Who, Johnny Cash, and The Rolling Stones. There are actually 7 episodes that were named after Kripke’s favorite artist Led Zeppelin’s albums and songs. It is also the favorite band of Dean on the show.


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For the first five seasons, it was entire Eric Kripke’s vision which concluded with the Swan Song, but the fans kept wanting more. Did you know that Jensen Ackles who played Dean has directed couple of episodes of Supernatural, he directed ‘Soul Survivor’, ‘Atomic Monster’, ‘Weekend at Bobby’s’. The elder Winchester isn’t the only one who tried his hands at the direction, Misha Collins directed the Season 9 episode ‘Mother’s Little Helper’. The actor Richard Speight Jr. who played Gabriel also showcased his skills as a director.

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