7 Bollywood Actors Who Had Zero On-Screen Chemistry

Hey Readers! Welcome Back To Humor Nation. Chemistry, It is everything good than a subject. Well, the case differs if you are a science student. OK! Leave that. Here we are talking about love chemistry. The chemistry that actors make for a while, for the purpose of our entertainment.

But sometimes Bollywood fails. No matter how hard they try, they always abstain from the perfect shot.

Here is a list of 7 such duos, whose hard work couldn’t bring in the chemistry no matter how many retakes they had.

7. Bobby Deol And Sonam Kapoor

Thank You! Remember the boring three hours spent at the theater? Oh yes! The couple miserably failed to be together.

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6. Priyanka Chopra And Uday Chopra

The only match they have is their last names! The duo failed maybe because of age gap or acting skills? Whatever the cause be, the outcome was surely horrible.

5. Rajinikanth And Aishwarya Rai

Okay! The robot did well onscreen. But do you think the chemistry was good? No right? The legends couldn’t create the vibe of love in the whole shot.

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