7 Bollywood Actors Who Had Zero On-Screen Chemistry

4. Vidya Balan And Shahid Kapoor

Kismat Connection. Really? The movie actually told that some people aren’t made for each other. Shahid and Vidhya failed to convince people that they were in love.

3. Shazahn Padamsee And Ajay Devgan

Anyway, Shazahn wasn’t ever ready for the film. The movie is undoubtedly the best example on the list. The story was like getting together the same poles of a magnet.

2. Daisy Shah And Salman Khan 

The concept to help others could have worked better if the stars helped themselves. They literally made no match together. The chemistry suucckkked even more than the movie did. No offense, Bhai could have made a better choice!

1. Shahid Kapoor And Deepika Padukone

Padmavati could have been better if Deepika worked opposite to Ranveer. She and Shahid had no match. They tried well and the best they could but still, something was missing.

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