7 Bollywood Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Cinema is an extremely powerful medium with which we correlate a lot. Some movies are so inspirational that they leave an everlasting positive impact on our lives. Everyone looks up to the heroes. But there are some negative characters in the movies from whom the fans take a very wrong kind of inspiration. Today we will be looking at some Bollywood movies and the characters which inspired the people to commit crimes in real life.

So Take A Look At 7 Bollywood Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes

7. Khosla Ka Ghosla

7 Bollywood Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes

The movie tells the story of a middle class common man whose property gets taken over by a corrupt property dealer using fake documents. In Delhi, many people were sold property in the similar fashion. Some people who claimed to be the members of DDA (Delhi Development Authority) went up to the people, telling them that they are selling the government plots at cheap rates. They used fake documents. People would pay them a handsome amount for token money. Later when people realized that they became victims of a fraud, they reported it to the authority and the culprits were caught. Police revealed that the group operated in the similar way as depicted in the movie ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’.

6. Bunty and Babli

7 Bollywood Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes

In the film Bunty and Babli, Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukerji play the roles of con artists who fool people and get money out of them to support their lavishing lifestyle. Many couples were inspired from the movie and committed crimes. In Delhi, a husband-wife couple would trick people, get their money, and would run away. When they were arrested in 2013, during the interrogation they revealed to the police that they took inspiration from the movie. After being released from the jail, the couple started conning people in different cities. They have a total of 23 cases pending on them. Bunty (Jagmeet) has been arrested, but the babli of this couple is still absconding.

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5. Drishyam

7 Bollywood Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes

Drishyam is a very intelligent thriller where the lead actor takes inspiration from the movies and hides a dead body and the police cannot uncover his crime. A similar incident happened in Indore where a politician Jagdish Karotiya killed a girl and threw the remains in a sewer. The accused called the municipal office asking for permission to dig a put on his plot. He needed to bury a dog. When the police received this information they reached his plot, when they started digging, they found a dog’s carcass. This was done intentionally in order to mislead the police. The accused took the inspiration from the movie to fool the police.


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