7 Best Cartoon Network Shows Minimal Posters That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic!

Well gone are those precious moments of the childhood and the golden era of Cartoon Network. But we will forever cherish it. Cartoon Network was not just a channel to us, it meant a lot to any 90’s kid. Remember when we would come rushing back from the school to catch our favorite shows or would miss doing our homework just so we can watch the latest episode of Dexter’s laboratory. We would spend our entire day in front of the television screen to watch some of the greatest animated shows ever made like Tom & Jerry, Ed Edd N Eddy, and a lot more. Cartoon Network was our friend, it was our playmate, we had an amazing time; whether it’s seeing the little Jerry getting the best out of Tom, or Popeye eating a can of Spinach and saving his girlfriend Olive Oylfrom the bad Bluto. How good were those days! Seriously Cartoon Network in the 90’s had really amazing animation style, entertaining characters, brilliant voice-overs and story-telling, the 90’s was truly the best era of Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network’s star was shining very bright in the 90’s. It had shows like Dexter Laboratory which didn’t just appeal to a specific age demographic, but it engaged people of all age groups. Everyone enjoyed watching the kindergarten Powerpuff Girls saving the day! With the beginning of the new millennium, the channel continued to offer quality shows, Toonami became very popular on the channel for showcasing the anime to the American audiences. By 2007, Cartoon Network started going downhill, the channel cancelled Toonami, and shifted its focus on just kids. Flash animated cartoons and reality shows became the signature of this new channel. A lot of people say Cartoon Network has been going downhill with its emphasis on flash animated toons and reality shows. They cancelled many great old cartoons, they came up with some ones which aimed at the audience of kids below 11 years old. It might appeal to the kids, but it’s nowhere close to the quality of the shows the channel offered earlier. Kids are exposed to a variety of content, this is the age of the internet, they are watching TV shows, they are watching anime, how do you expect them to be entertained by your product?

So let’s take a look at 7 Cartoon Network Shows’ Minimal Posters That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic!

1. Always follow your passion with your full heart like Dexter.

Cartoon Network dexter's laboratory

2. Without friends life is truly incomplete.Cartoon Network ed. edd n eddy

3. Good things come in small packages!Cartoon Network powerpuff girls

4. Courage is not an absence of fear, but the resistance to it, knowing something else is important than the fear.Cartoon Network Courage the cowardly dog

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5. Sometimes you have to go a little crazy to enjoy the life.

Cartoon Network The Mask

6. This was our childhood.Cartoon Network Tom And Jerry

7. Eat spinach, it will make you stronger!

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