7 Haunted Railway Stations In India Where You Shouldn’t Step Foot After Nightfall

5. Naini Railway Station

Naini Railway Station located in Uttar Pradesh remains haunted by the spirits of the dead freedom fighters. The Naini Jail, it is a place where many brave freedom fighters were tortured and succumbed to their injuries, lies close by the Naini railway station. Even though the souls of the deceased have not caused any harm to the people, but people still shy away from being any close to the station after nightfall.

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6. Barog Station

While passing through the Barog tunnel surrounded by the greenery when traveling in a Kalka-Shimla train might give you the ultimate traveling joy. The tunnel was built by a British Railway Engineer named Colonel Barog (and hence the station name). Once Barog was humiliated in front of his co-workers due to a mistake in his work. The British government even fined him which resulted in him becoming so depressed that he shot himself during a walk through the tunnel. His body was buried outside the tunnel, but it is believed that his spirit still haunts the area.

7. Dombivli Railway Station

It is said that the ghost of a woman can be seen at this railway station who is crying and waiting for her train in the late night. There’s a story that once a man was traveling at midnight when he saw the woman crying, he approached her and asked her what happened. She answered that she wants to go home, but she could not do so. As the man was already late for home, he boarded the train. The next day again the man saw the woman sitting at the same place and crying. When he asked the friend who was with him if he could see the crying woman, his friend replied saying ‘There’s no crying woman’.

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