7 Illnesses & Disorders That Are Superpowers In Disguise

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. When people get diagnosed with any disease or illness, it is not considered to be a good news for them. But in some cases when people get diagnosed with rare kind of diseases, it proves out to be good for them and gives them more strength or you can superpowers. So we’re going to discuss such diseases that actually bring superpowers into them.

So here are those 7 diseases that are actually superpowers in disguise!

7. Hyperthymestic Syndrome

The hyperthymestic syndrome is a rare kind of disease which gives an individual enhanced autobiographical memory or in simple words, you can say that it provides you super memory. In this people don’t even need to put any kind of effort to recall any memory, you can recall your memories instantly.

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6. Myostain

Myostain is a muscle hypertrophy and is a rare disease that is caused due to a mutation in the gene called MSTN. In this condition, the person gets double muscle mass and no body fat, the prevalence of this disease is still a mystery because it’s a very new form of the disease and very fewer cases have come forward relating to this disease.

5. Congenital Analgesia

In Congenital Analgesia, one stops feeling any kind of pain and this condition doesn’t affect the individual’s appearance or intelligence. It seems to be a kind of benefit because one can go through any physical torture and feel nothing, any person suffering from such a disorder should join the army.

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