7 Interesting And Unknown Facts/Trivia About Lucifer

Welcome to Humor Nation. The fans of the show are passionately waiting for the next outing ever since the show ended with a cliffhanger. The finale saw Chloe and Lucifer being separated as Lucifer returned to hell to resume his duties. While there’s still time for the fifth season to air, we have brought to you some amazing trivia related to Lucifer.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Lucifer!


10 Interesting And Unknown Facts/Trivia About Lucifer

According to the lead actor Tom Ellis, he revealed in an interview on the Rich Eisen show, the premise of the series was born out of the pilot episode. The show originally was going to be about Lucifer AKA The Devil making deals with desperate and despicable people in order to collect favors from them for their deals on a later date. But after seeing how well the pilot received which focused on a police procedural format and the format offered a whole lot of potential stories, and hence the series was revamped.


Did you know that the lead actors of the show Tom Ellis, Aimee Garcia, and Lauren German, all three are within 12 days of being the exact same age. Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer was born on November 17, 1978, Aimee Garcia who plays Ella was born on November 28, 1978, and Lauren German who plays Chloe Decker was born on November 29, 1978.

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The show has referenced and also has been referenced by different shows. In the pilot, when Lucifer says that Trixie is a hooker name. This is a reference to the writer Tom Kapinos’ past show Californication. There’s a character of a hooker named Trixie on Californication who befriends that lead character Hank Moody on Californication. Also in Episode 10 of Season 11 of CW’s Supernatural, when Sam Winchester asks Lucifer about what he would do after getting out of the cage. He says that he would move to LA and would help solve crimes. This episode aired before the release of Lucifer pilot.

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