7 Interesting Facts About Mr. Natwarlal ‘The Biggest Fraudster Of India’

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Some people are so mad behind earning money that they can cross any line to become rich and so was Mr. Natwarlal of India. He dreamt of becoming the richest person and for that, he did some fraud activities which no one can even dare of imagining. So let’s start and discuss it.

So here are some interesting facts Natwarlal, the fraudster of India!

7. The biggest conman of India, Natwarlal’s real name is Mithilesh Kumar Shrivastava and he duped top industrialists with ease.

7 Interesting Facts About Natwarlal 'The Biggest Fraudster Of India'

6. Natwarlal sold Taj Mahal three times and also sold Red Fort and Rashtrapati Bhawan to foreigners by becoming a government official in front of them.


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5. He was an expert in forging signatures and with a glance of anyone’s signature, he could forge it. He even took tons of cash from Tata’s, Birla’s and Ambani’s by becoming a needy person or a social worker.

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