7 Interesting Facts About Mr. Natwarlal ‘The Biggest Fraudster Of India’

4. He had about 100 cases pending on him and he was caught 9 times by Indian police and each time he managed to run away. He was even sentenced to 113 years in jail but after 24th June 1996, he was never seen.

3. He fooled people with his death too, in 2009 his lawyer claimed that he passed away on 25th July 2009 so his cases are now useless. But Natwarlal’s brother claimed that he died in the year 1996 only and he had cremated his body himself. WHAT EVEN!

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2. Movie’s based on the art of Natwarlal had been portrayed in some Bollywood movies like “Mr. Natwarlal” that starred Amitabh Bachchan and “Raja Natwarlal” which starred Emraan Hashmi.

1. Though Natwarlal was a conman, he still had a huge fan following in Bangra (a village in Bihar). They even wanted to erect his statue in the place where his house was situated but this request was demolished.

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