7 Interesting Facts About The Elections In India

4. When were transgenders given voting right?

For the first time, transgenders were given voting right in the year 1994 and Shabhnam Mausi was the first eunuch to be elected as a member of the MP state Legislative Assembly from the year 1998 to 2003.

3. Rahul Gandhi’s struggle

It has been calculated that Rahul Gandhi addressed more than 250 rallies and logged nearly 165,000 km since last year. Hope so he becomes PM someday in his life.

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2. Voting ink

A lot of violet ink is used during elections, but can you say how much? I guess no, so around 20,150 liters of unique violet ink was dispatched from Mysore paints and varnish ltd for last elections.

1. Crowd’s struggle during elections

In Arunachal Pradesh’s Dibang Valley District people have to walk for about 10 km and sometimes 45 km on foot and that is just to give voters and people here in big cities sometimes don’t even bother to vote.

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