7 Most Stubborn House Owners In The World

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Sometimes a point comes when we have to move our house and live somewhere according to the prevailing situations. But some house owners are so stubborn that they just refuse to move out of their family house no matter what happens in their surrounding. So let’s know who are the most stubborn home owners in this world, so let’s start.

So take a look down below at the list of the 7 most stubborn house owners in the world!

1. Narrow house

7 Most Stubborn Home Owners In The World

Mary Cook’s house was really squeezed between two tall building yet she refused to move out of that house and continued to live in that same house.

2. Up

Edith Macefield refused to move out of his house even when he was offered $1 million dollar as that house held all his wife’s memories. This story was then adapted and then released “Up”.

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3. Half house

7 Most Stubborn House Owners In The World

A person refused to sell his house even to a potential buyer and then his property was cut into half, but still he lived in that same house.

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