7 New Character Additions That Hurt The Vampire Diaries

4. Aaron Whitmore

Aaron’s character was also quite boring during the 6th season and thank god he died. He really did not have a good part though he had a good heart.

3. Rose

Rose was introduced to us during the 2nd season when the Originals were in action. She becomes Damon’s friend and then she gets bitten by a werewolf and later staked by Damon to reduce her suffering.

2. Lily Salvatore

No one really liked Lily in the show as well as outside the show because she was so clueless about everything that it annoyed us. Instead of thinking about her children, she thinks and cares about her friends and love. What kind of a mother does that?

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1. Rayna Cruz

She was also a pain in the ass character who can do anything to hunt down her prey. She was so behind Stefan as she was retarded. Rayne went crazy in the show and later took Damon’s help to kill her prey vampires. Woah! complete nonsense.

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